Elektronisko Iepirkumu Sistēma

Registration information


 Registration information 


The need for registration for contracting authority
  • to purchase goods and services in the e-ordering subsystem;
  • to request e-certificates for the testing of candidates;
  • to organize procurement procedures with the electronic submission of tenders in the e-tenders subsystem.
Registration option for economical operators
  • to participate in the procurement procedures in order to supply goods/ services in the e-orders subsystem;
  • to participate in the procurement procedures announced in the e-tenders subsystem;
  • to check the reasons for exclusion for themselves in the e-certificates subsytem
Registration documents to be submitted to the State Regional Development Agency
  • filled in registration blank of the participant;
  • filled in participant's administrator's authorization blank.
Registration blanks
Blanks in accordance with the Regulations No. 108 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 28.02.2017 "Public electronic procurement regulations" (annex 2 and 3)
Filled in blanks can be submitted both on paper and in electronic form with a secure electronic signature by sending an electronic signed document to e-mail: pasts@vraa.gov.lv


If the registration blanks are filled in without errors, the participant is registered within three working days.
Login with eIDAS
In the e-procurement system, users have the opportunity to login with electronic identification cards issued in EU Member States.

An explanatory guide on using eIDAS is available here.


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